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Updated: 30 Jun 2010

 Best Tongkat Ali Supplement Reviews



This site was established to rate, review, and compare the various Tongkat Ali extract supplements sold on the internet.  The real truth is that... many supplements simply do not work. The lack of regulatory within this industry means there are a lot of companies selling useless fillers disguise as supplements. Its the same for Tongkat Ali. The thing... genuine Tongkat Ali supplements do work. The problems is cutting through the hype to find out which ones are real and work, which ones are real and kinda work, and which ones are just overpriced gimmicks!

That is exactly the purpose of this website, as I was in the same position you are in a year ago when I first heard about Tongkat Ali and its purported testosterone-raising effects. I wish there was a site like this a year ago, so I could have cut through the hype, and just purchased the one that actually delivers results. All in all, I think it was worth it, as I now know first hand what WORKS and what DOESN'T which I'm glad to share with you.

I honestly never thought that taking Tongkat Ali supplements could so dramatically changed my life for the better. Now I have far more energy and vitality. My libido is quite honestly back to where I was as a young man (I'm 47) and my partner is quite taken aback. My erection is harder. And what's a really interesting observation on my part is my muscles are getting more and more defined even though I don't work out in the gym. And that can only be attributed to an increase in free testosterone. So yes, the pure extract of Tongkat Ali roots really works. You just got to get the real thing. And I hope you'll find my reviews helpful.


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My Number One Pick

SD-200 Currently the best known brand for Tongkat Ali pure root extract. It is the priciest as well and for good reason. It truly does work and works very well. At an extract strength of 1:200, it is the most potent Tongkat Ali root extract supplement in the market. 1:200 means 200 gram of roots is used to manufactured 1 gram of extract. Certainly, manufacturer can put out any claims they want in an attempt to inflate sales. In the case of SD-200 however, the effects are pronounced and noticeable almost within 2 cycles of usage. Besides an increase in libido and hardness of erection, one that surprises me is my muscles becoming more and more define despite the fact that I am not working out in the gym. This makes sense as free testosterone is responsible for building muscles and burning fat but it just seems amazing to witness it. Other benefits I experience is an increased in energy, vitality and concentration. This is a very common occurrences among customers of SD-200 as you can read in their testimonial pages.

Besides the potency, another reason for is effectiveness I believe is the fact that a water-based extraction method is utilized to produce the extract. This mimics the traditional way that the herb is prepared. Very likely, a lot of its active ingredients is water soluble.

The company that manufactures SD-200, Pure Science Supplements, is located in Singapore. So shipping takes a little longer. About 10 working days in my case but shipping is FREE. So no complaints. Absolutely fantastic service. Prompt and courteous replies all the time from its owner Sam Lee Harrison. Very knowledgeable but don't email him for medical advice as he will politely refer you to your physician. But he does give useful information you can then use for your own judgment.

Offers a unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

Indonesia Tongkat Ali

Runner Up:

Indonesia Tongkat Ali is relatively new to the marketplace. Extract strength is 1:100 but the really interesting thing about this product is instead of using water-based extraction, it uses alcohol to perform the extraction. Now at first impulse, I will dismiss this as a more 'inferior' product compared to SD-200. But upon second thought, my verdict is 'interesting and certainly worth trying'. You see, non-traditional does not necessary mean inferior. It just means unconventional. Certainly active ingredients within Tongkat Ali roots may be alcohol soluble and not water soluble. This means it can only be effectively extracted via alcohol. So the extract may give interesting and effective results as well. I have to confess though I had not have a chance to test out this product. But accordingly to a friend of mine who tested it... he loves it and what he experience is a big boost in energy and vitality and quick muscle recovery. He's an avid golfer and before taking Indonesia Tongkat Ali, his arm muscles feel sore the next few days after a game. But since taking this product, the soreness subside by the next day. Unfortunately I wasn't able to pry out any sexual enhancement effects he experienced. He's pretty tight-lipped about that.

Here's an interesting idea worth trying. It could actually be a brilliant idea to combine SD-200 with Indonesia Tongkat Ali for maximum effect. You see, some active ingredients may be water soluble while the rest may be alcohol soluble. So logically, the active ingredients within the two products are different. So it makes sense that combining the two products will give you the best of both world.

Indonesia Tongkat Ali is less expensive than SD-200. Its is shipped out from within the USA and shipping is free too. Like SD-200, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


The Rest: Pretty much all others - Now this is going to sound biased but really it isn't and if you are to follow along my simple line of reasoning, you will very likely agree with me. I avoid most of the other products in the marketplace. Not because they are inferior but simply because they are 'insufficient'. Now what do I mean by this?

One capsule of SD-200 contains 300 mg of extract. One capsule of Indonesia Tongkat Ali contains 400 mg of extract.

If you look at the other brands, one capsule contains 25 mg. I'm sorry but that amount just ain't going to cut it.

If you eat 10 burgers but the size of each burger is the size of an M&M chocolate, of course you are still going to feel hungry.

Now, if you take 20 capsules at a time, it may work but it just don't seem very practical and if you are to add up the cost, it is actually more expensive than SD-200!

By the way, most other Tongkat Ali products are alcohol based extraction. And if you really want to try out alcohol based pure extract, I recommend Indonesia Tongkat Ali. Its less expensive when you consider the total gram you are receiving.

As a matter of fact, I encourage you to do that. So that you my readers can give me feedback on how well Indonesia Tongkat Ali alcohol base extract is working for you. And if enough rave reviews come in, I will follow my own sage suggestion and take both Indonesia Tongkat Ali and SD-200 at the same time.


Last Words:

For mean over the age of 40 or even 35, I think it is really really important for us to take supplements to increase our free testosterone. Personally I do not think there is anything more important than that. Testosterone is what makes a Man a Man. Our entire being, from the sharpness of our mind, the steadfastness of our emotional mood, to our physical strength and sexual vitality, it all boils down to having a healthy testosterone level. Depression, heart disease, mental fatigue has all been link to a decline in free testosterone level. So you can see why this is such an important hormone. Having said that though, I want to discourage you from using pharmaceutical based testosterone replacement therapy. The risks far outweighs the benefits. So if you're considering doing testosterone replacement therapy, I suggest you give the above natural products a try.